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The Ascension Healer 

There is No Darkness When You Are The Light.

  Mission Statement:

  I Am Here To Help You:

  • Unleash Your Highest Potential.

  • Awaken Your Inner Mentor.

  • Heal Your Inner Child.

  • Become Your Higher Self.

The Ascension Healer Anjali Lavania
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In this past year I have been going through life changing events 

(ugly divorce & losing my job)

The valuable sessions I’ve  had with Anjali has opened up a whole new level of understanding. She has taught me how to break free from my negative patterns.


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Anjali is such an incredibly gifted spiritual healer - Her wisdom and guidance made me feel like a new person I felt like I was born again - she patiently helped me process the burden of my painful past that and helped me see the hidden blesings behind everything - Thus turning every painful memory into a lesson that has made me wiser and stronger .

Sunset Martial Arts

Anjali has an innate ability to understand a persons emotions and situation - She helped me connect with my higher self and helped  me understand the difference between the guidance given by my higher self and my ego. She is truly genuine & a pure hearted soul who has made a huge impact in my life. I am truly blessed to have her as my guide. 


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