1, How to stay Centered and Focused with the help of Ascension healing . Heal negative habits/ patterns to become your Higher Self to achieve your goals (health/ relationship/career goals.)


 2, Chakra Healing - Align your Chakras with Breathwork and Affirmations.

 3, Channeling : How to connect with your HIgher Self /          Guardian Angels for Daily  Guidance/ Direction.

 4, How to overcome anxiety / fears and find blessings in each & every situation to maximize your highest potential with the Inner Mentor  Technique.


 5, Learning how to master ones emotions and thoughts through Ascension Healing.  Mastery of oneself is not about controlling the external; it is about mastering our inner response to the external world.  

 6, Learning how to use powerful NLP Visualizations to reprogram whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals . Achieve your goals with a step by step game plan.

 7, Nurture your inner child. Heal low self esteem/ past trauma/painful memories with Neuro Linguistic Programming to form healthier beliefs.


  Pls email me to book a session





To fix an appointment 

Please connect with me 

Please write an introduction about yourself along with your queries or concerns, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. 

Each session can take place in person or even through skype many of my clients live in different countries.

Also some of my clients prefer to have regular therapy sessions to heal and empower themselves- so the number of sessions vary from each persons's individual choice and needs.

Please carry a notebook specifically assigned for your healing sessions or make notes in an app where you can also journal your thoughts.


 Most importantly be  open minded and consistent with your home work  ;) as the more dedication you put towards yourself the more you will reap.

Please also kindly note that it would be more convenient if all  payments can be made in cash post the session or paypal/ wire transfer before the session . 

Thank you . Looking forward to speaking with you.

Please read my blog to understand more about ascension.

Love light and blessings


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