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  • Who is The Ascension Healer?
    My name is Anjali Lavania, I am a certified Pranic Psychotherapist and a Neuro Linguistic Programmer (NLP). I have put in years of intense research to understand how to help people tap into their highest potential. ​ My spiritual journey started in 2012 when I was at the height of my modelling and acting career. ​ I had won the Cinemaa Award for Most Confident Debut for my first film Panjaa. I had also been featured in Vogue as one the Top 10 Models of India But In spite of the fame, I somehow felt this major disconnect with my life. - I was tired of all the unwanted attention and the horrific casting couch offers that seemed to be the norm. Don't get me wrong there are good people in the industry too, I was blessed to work with really good people for my film Panjaa but I was tired of being constantly judged by my outward appearance - it felt very superficial. So I took a sabbatical from the entertainment industry and started searching for answers - Why do I exist? Who created us? How can people discover their life purpose and fulfil it? Do we have the power to heal ourselves? As you can tell I had tons of questions...and I looked everywhere to find the answers. ​ From the Life Enhancing, Kriya Yoga Ashrams in India - To the Shamanic Shipibo Tribes of the Amazon Jungle in Peru, I traveled across the world to understand more about Human Psychology and Spirituality. Through my travels, I learned a lot about meditation and how we have this amazing, innate ability to heal ourselves. I spent years studying and experimenting with various healing modalities to finally develop an advanced spiritual healing technique called Ascension Healing. It's astounding how this powerful technique has helped so many of my clients in the past few years. It has successfully helped them break free from negative patterns and has helped them heal any painful memories that were holding them back from embracing their highest potential.
  • Can Ascension Healing help me?
    Ask yourself these 10 questions to figure if "ASCENSION HEALING" can help you: ​ 1, Are you tired of being stuck in the rat race? ​ 2, Are you trying to learn different techniques to empty your mind of negative thoughts & memories? ​ 3, Do you feel like you want to live a more balanced & healthier life? ​ 4, Are you trying to figure out your life purpose? ​ 5, Are you trying to fix important relationships in your life? ​ 6, Are you trying to find a deeper meaning to your existence? ​ 7, Do you want to fix unhealthy habits or addictions that are keeping you distracted from your goals? ​ 8, Do you get easily affected by negative people and negative situations? 9, Do you want to sharpen your intuition? Do you want to learn meditation, chakra healing, mindfulness or some kind of practice that will awaken your inner mentor? Do you want to learn how to connect with your Higher Self? ​ 10, Are you trying to heal a broken heart or heal your inner child? ​ If you answered yes to any of these questions - Then “Ascension Healing” is a powerful technique that will enhance your daily life, by helping you reprogram any negative thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back from tapping into your highest potential.
  • What is Ascension Healing?
    It is an easy to follow, 4 Step Technique that helps you connect with your Higher Self by reprogramming your negative beliefs and healing your energy body. ​ STEP 1: IT REPROGRAMS NEGATIVE THOUGHTS & BELIEFS THRU POWERFUL VISUALIZATION & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) TECHNIQUES. STEP 2: IT HEALS YOUR ENERGY BODY THRU CHAKRA HEALING. STEP 3: IT AWAKENS YOUR INNER MENTOR THAT IS ALSO KNOWN AS YOUR “HIGHER SELF.” STEP 4: IT HELPS YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS BY STRENGTHENING YOUR FOCUS & DEDICATION. For More Details Read This Post
  • What is my Higher Self?
    In many high profile interviews, you will often read about successful CEO’s, Athletes & Actors speaking about their daily meditation practice and how it helps them stay calm, focused and driven. “ Meditation is like the ultimate rest. It's better than the best sleep you've ever had. It's a quietening of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh..” - Hugh Jackman As humans we often overthink, hesitate, vacillate ....going back and forth between feeling confident and self assured to feeling doubtful, scared and lost. This back and forth between two extreme ways of thinking, basically means that we have a tendency towards over analysis, low self esteem and lack of faith. That is why - It’s important to adopt a daily practice that integrates you with your HIGHER SELF, so that you know the difference between healthy introspection and over analysis. There is no visible proof of this Higher Self but then again we can't see the two most powerful energies that help us survive: Gravity and Air - We can only feel it. Similarly, your Higher Self may not be seen - but it's reassuring love, support and guidance can definitely be felt. 1, Your “Higher Self” is that all knowing, unlimited and eternal part of you that guides you with intuition and teaches you through insight. 2, Your “Higher Self” is very calm, reassuring and helps you recognise the difference between low self esteem and your true potential. 3, Your “Higher Self will show you how to you heal yourself and will nudge you in the right direction - so that you make appropriate choices that are important for your success and growth. To learn More About Your Higher Self - Check these Posts Out:
  • How many Ascension Healing sessions will I need?
    Each person has different goals, obstacles and challenges - so the number of sessions will depend on your personalized requirements. (1 month package = 4 sessions , 2 Month Package = 8 Sessions, 3 Month Package = 12 Sessions) I Will Analyze your current situation, identify your unique skills & limiting beliefs. A customised, step by step plan, will be designed to help you achieve specific goals in your life. Or You Can Customize Your Session Packages From The Choices Given Below. Session 1: Assesment Of Your Goals + Detailed 2 Hr Reading on How to Sharpen Your Gifts & Overcome Your Blocks To Become Your Higher Self. Session 2: Learn The Ascension Healing Practice (You will be given a voice recording of your live healing session that you can use for Your Daily Practice.) Session 3: Learn How To Channel Guidance & Solutions From Your Higher Self. Session 4: Learn How Beliefs work and How To Break Free From Unhealthy Beliefs & Heal Your Inner Child. Session 5: Lean How To Deal With Different Relationships (Energy vampires / Narcissists ) Session 6: Learn How To Diffuse Negative Or Challenging Situations With The Pause Technique. Session 7: How To Become Your Inner Mentor To Problem Solve = Treasure Hunting & How To Communicate Effectively To Maintain Relationships. Session 8: How To Stop Focusing on Negativity ( What You Focus On Grows) Session 9: Prioritize Your Goals - Make A Step By Step Plan To Achieve Your Goals. Learn How To Achieve Your Goals within a fixed deadline. Productivity and accountability is an integral part of “Ascension Healing” - Each goal is broken down into smaller goals to track your progress and measure results. Session 10: Align With Your Goals Thru Neuro Linguistic Programming. Session 11 : Learn How To Break Free From Addictions & Learn How To Stay Disciplined & Focused On Achieving Your Goals. Session 12: Learn How To Stop Over Analysing a Situation. Learn When To Let Go & When To Let Things FLow. (Learn How To Communicate With The Universe Through Signs & Synchronicities.)
  • How Will Ascension Healing help me?
    The foundation of the Ascension Healing Practice is based on the Law of Attraction and the 7 Hermetic Principles for Self-Mastery. ​ I will explain all of this in detail in our first session together.... But in a nutshell - When you focus on being your Higher Self each day - You begin to vibrate on a higher frequency that starts attracting Higher Possibilities to seamlessly flow into your life. ​ We all have goals we want to achieve, but at the same time we all have emotional, physical and mental problems that block us from achieving these goals - But luckily the solution is pretty simple! ​ As Einstein said; ""We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them!" ​ So whenever you find yourself feeling discouraged - The solution is to simply connect with your Higher Self - And you will find creative solutions from a higher perspective. ​ In short, your Higher Self is like a compass that points you in the right direction, whenever you feel lost, discouraged and sad. ​ So join me on this journey of self discovery where you will learn: 1, How to heal you inner child, 2, How to align with your wise and loving Higher Self 3, How to rewire any negative beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals. To Learn more click on this link below:
  • Are Affirmations a part of Ascension Healing?
    Yes, It is a very important part of Ascension healing. First let's understand how affirmations work. Read this below affirmation aloud and repeat it until you truly understand the meaning of what you are saying: ​ "I Trust & Love My Present Now!" When repeated with intention - This powerful affirmation immediately makes us focus on this present moment...... Making us realize that each moment in the present is a gift - a blessing - an opportunity! ​ An opportunity to breathe in deeply. An opportunity to pause. An opportunity to respond versus react. An opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons versus being a helpless victim. An opportunity to be courageous versus being fearful. An opportunity to have faith. An opportunity to count our blessings. An opportunity to find hidden blessings within every challenge that make us wiser and stronger. ​ This is what ascension is - It’s breaking free from negative thoughts to unleash our highest potential - By embracing the gift of each moment in the now! ​ To Learn more about affirmations check this post out:

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