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Are you tired of being stuck in a rut? Do you feel it's too late to make your dreams a reality?  


Do you need guidance to heal any trauma/ fear / negativity - so that you can finally focus your energy towards achieving your goals. Everyone needs a little boost once in a while.

I Warmly Welcome you to reacquaint yourself with the divine love, light & prosperity that exists in abundance within you and around you at all times - We have forgotten how to tune into the frequency of abundance and how to connect to our inner mentor - THE HIGHER SELF.


1, Learn to  connect with your Inner Mentor, your Higher Self for guidance & advice.


2, Learn Ascension Healing = Chakra healing + Meditation + Reprogramming Negative Beliefs to be more calm, centered & productive.


3, Learn to achieve your goals with a step by step game plan + focus + dedication.

As humans we often overthink, hesitate vacillate ....going back and forth between feeling confident and self assured to feeling doubtful, scared and lost.

This back and forth between two extreme ways of thinking may showcase our tendency towards over analysis, low self esteem and lack of faith.

It’s important to adopt a practice that integrates you with your higher self, so that you can know the difference between healthy introspection and over analysis.

Your higher self is all knowing, unlimited and eternal. It’s the part of you that guides you with intuition and teaches you through insight.

Your higher self is very calm, reassuring and helps you to recognise the difference between low self esteem and your true potential, gifts and talents.

Your higher self will guide you to heal yourself, learn important lessons and also make the appropriate choices that are important for your success and growth .


 On a daily basis I channel during my meditation to connect with my higher self. Channeling, in any form, is focusing one's consciousness, as if plugging into a switchboard, or circuit board, to receive information.


Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angels and other higher beings of love & light.  A channeler is very similar to a language translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to sense the non-verbal communication from another being and then translate it into human words. I help my clients connect with their higher selves through channeling to get the guidance they need to achieve their goals.


I am a certified Pranic Psychotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programmer (NLP).  Over the years, through channeling and intense inner healing work at many spiritual centers across India, and with the indigenous Shamans in Peru, I have developed an advanced spiritual healing technique called Ascension healing, that uses healing light codes from the highest dimensions to flow into your crown chakra. This divine light energy is then used to heal all your chakras to help you recenter yourselves and clear away any stress and negativity that may have been accumulated over time.


It's time we all realize - that we are ONE. Each of us are blessed with unique gifts that fit together perfectly in this jigsaw puzzle called life.

The time has come to break free from negative patterns and flow with abundance, love and light. 


So Repeat after me: "I trust and love my present now!" This is a powerful affirmation  to help us all focus on every blessing in the now ...... AS every moment in the present, is the only moment to act on our intentions with positivity and faith, so that we can turn every challenge into a wonderful blessing. 


Love, Light and Blessings

(The Ascension Healer)



 1, How to stay Centered and Focused with the help of Ascension   healing. Heal negative habits/ patterns to become your Higher   Self to achieve your goals (health/ relationship/career goals.)


 2, Chakra Healing - Align your Chakras with Breathwork and   Affirmations.

 3, Channeling : How to connect with your HIgher Self /           Guardian Angels for Daily  Guidance/ Direction.

 4, How to overcome anxiety / fears and find blessings in each     & every situation to maximize your highest potential with the     Inner Mentor Technique.


 5, Learning how to master ones emotions and thoughts through   Ascension Healing.  Mastery  of oneself is not about controlling   the external; it is about mastering our inner response to the   external world.  

 6, Learning how to use powerful NLP Visualizations to reprogram    whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals. Achieve    your goals with a step by step game plan.

 7, Nurture your inner child. Heal low self esteem/ past   trauma/painful memories with Neuro Linguistic Programming to   form healthier beliefs.


   Pls email me to book a session



To fix an appointment 

Please connect with 

Please write an introduction about yourself along with your queries or concerns, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. 

Each session can take place in person or even through skype many of my clients live in different countries.

Also some of my clients prefer to have regular therapy sessions to heal and empower themselves- so the number of sessions vary from each persons's individual needs.

Please carry a notebook specifically assigned for your healing sessions or make notes in an app where you can also journal your thoughts.


 Most importantly be open minded and consistent with your home work .


 All payments can be made in cash post the session or paypal/ wire transfer before the session . 

Thank you . Looking forward to speaking with you.

Please read my blog to understand more about Ascension Healing.

Love light and blessings