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  • Anjali Lavania

A Guide to manifesting your desires.

Desire+Excitement+Belief+Gratitude+letting go = Expectation of manifestation without fear of how and when will it manifest. What is Desire ? A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. So desire = Focus on wish + Emotion What is excitement? The state of being emotionally aroused What is Belief? An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. So by this definition when we desire something: 1, When we pray/ask for our wishes to be granted- we need to focus on the wish with emotions of excitement by visualizing every detail of receiving our wish. We need to believe in what we want and why we want it, so much - that it has to materialize. 2, Followed by gratitude of the wish already being granted. 3, Gratitude symbolizes belief; complete acceptance that the wish is already granted, especially without proof. 4, Then we let go of how and when that wish will manifest (appear into our physical reality) 5, With complete faith in divine timing. (Divine Timing is the idea that everything happens at the exact right time.) I think it's incredibly important to really make sure that we wish for the right things. We do not want to wish for something that will affect us karmically. So I encourage everyone to first meditate on your desires / wishes to ensure that it is truly in alignment with your highest good. Our highest good is what helps us stay on the right path - moving steadily towards our soul purpose....making sure we are ascending with wisdom and integrity. Once we purify our desires, we should pray for the wish to be granted by envisioning every detail of the wish being granted . Use your imagination to touch, feel, taste, hear and see yourself receiving your wish with excitement and gratitude. The next step is letting go and this is where most of the problems come from, as time goes by we get anxious that our dreams have not yet materialized in to our physical reality, making us sad, stressed and irritable. Unfortunately, those feelings of anxiousness, stress and sadness gets reflected back to us by the universe. The Universe wants us to become true masters of co-creation and reflecting our worries and stress back to us - is the best way to make us aware of where we are going wrong, so that we learn to sharpen our skills of manifestation and co - creation. The Universe wants us to realize that we are always divinely guided and blessed - we just need to ensure that our vibrations, our frequencies are in alignment with our highest self by enjoying the journey with gratitude. We have so much to be grateful for; the food we eat, the roof over our heads etc. Therefore to manifest our desires we need to live each day with gratitude and excitement that our wishes have already been granted and will manifest any day. The Universe will always give you signs that your desires are on it's way to you. It's important to celebrate each of these signs, that can come in the form of angel numbers, articles, conversations, movies, songs etc. While you wait for the manifestation to come into your reality, it is important to spend your time engaged in activities that positively nourish your body, mind and soul....In activities that brings you closer towards your desires.... In productive activities that make you lose track of time. Time is relative, when you are engaged in activities that you love, time just flies by and when you are engaged in activities you don't enjoy- time seems to crawl by. So it is important to engage in activities that you enjoy and to find a way to enjoy the activities that are required in your day to day life that you may not enjoy so much, but are needed for your growth. When the universe sees you enjoying the journey towards your desires with excitement and belief, the manifestation of your desires will unfold. Eg: The excitement and belief, you feel when you decide you are going to adopt a new puppy or kitten where you can literally imagine playing with it's fluffy ears as it rests in your arms. The excitement and belief you feel when you do research to find your new pet. The excitement and belief you feel when you are on your way to pick up your new lil puppy. Even if there are delays or you have to travel all the way to another state to pick up that lil puppy, you still feel excitement every step of the way . This is the kind of excitement and belief you must have while waiting for your desires to manifest even though you can't see it and don't know exactly when it's going to come . Enjoy each step of the journey that is the secret to manifestation even if it takes years to finally materialize - you can still say you enjoyed each step of the way and learnt so much in life that it made you wiser and stronger . No one is perfect, we can all have off days that make us feel low - but it is important to find ways to hit the reset button through mood elevators like music, laughter, working out, nature etc . So that we regain the vibrations/ frequencies required to match the frequencies of our desires and wishes. " I trust and love my present now " - A powerful affirmation to help us manifest our desires with excitement and belief, even when things are not going well- as it reminds us that the present is a "present" gifted to us, where we have the ability to elevate our frequencies through gratitude for all our blessings and faith that even negative situations have hidden blessings to help us ascend. Love, light and blessings. Anjali

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