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  • Anjali Lavania

Why do we keep repeating the same mistakes? Time to learn the Art of DiSCERNMENT.

We need to stop judging other people …the more you judge other people the more your brain will form neural pathways to form patterns that will be programmed to judge people, situations and ironically your self too. It’s a vicious cycle but a beautiful example of unity consciousness.

Conversely, when you consciously break this habit of judging yourself and others - others will begin to stop judging you too.

If we are all one and everyone is a reflection of you ...people will reflect what they see in you and how you feel .

When one feels centered and confident in their own skin….they radiate a calm yet powerful aura that says; “I respect all living beings but I don’t choose to dwell on what you think about me”…this aura will mostly soothe people around you, who will then be less likely to judge you.

So it is incredibly important to have a practice that reminds you of your self worth... we all come from the same source and are all gifted with a unique set of attributes /talents that make us irreplaceable in the grand scheme of existence itself.

Of course, they are people who thrive on bringing others down by indulging in vicious mental warfare... but the best way to avoid getting dragged down by such people, is to maintain a sense of self worth by indulging in daily activities that help you vibrate on higher frequencies, so that the only thing that matters to you is how you feel about yourself.

What other people think about you - is none of your business. I am by no means advocating selfishness and arrogance, instead I am implying that if you are hurting others or doing something wrong - unbiased Karma that lives within us will indadvertedly make us see the error of our ways. You can lie to the whole world but you cannot lie to yourself.

Maintaining one’s sense of self worth can be a slippery slope, based on how much energy you are putting into positive/ proactive activities that increases your self esteem, self love and well being, and how much energy you put into activities/ thoughts/ beliefs that lower your self worth.

Examples: Spending time thinking about past, negativity, stress,drama versus spending time living in the now/ engaging in steps to fulfil your dreams/ healing your mind body and soul.

You might think, oh I just let that one remark get in to my head coz I was drunk or angry or I just had that one night stand because I was feeling adventurous and living in the now.

Which are both valid choices made by you and no on should judge those choices including you but all those events eventually start adding up, pushing you further down that slippery slope.

These are the times when you need to become aware of your thought process and your actions, to understand why you aren’t able to stop yourself from repeating the same mistakes and this is the first step of discernment.

Discernment is not judging oneself with hatred and feeling doomed for life but the act of understanding where you went wrong and how to make things right again.

#JUDGEMENT is the energy that wants to either blame or disempower the light in oneself or another to make oneself feel like a victim or to feel superior, while #DISCERNMENT is an unconditionally loving energy that sheds light on to every situation, by not only understanding one's own feelings but also the intentions & feelings of others, thus giving us the wisdom to make things right as it empowers everyone involved through the lessons learnt.

You need to discern how certain negative choices of living in the now - can take you down a slippery slope of lower frequencies filled with doubt /fear /judgement .

That is why its important to indulge in good habits like eating right / working out / avoiding alcohol/ avoiding sulking / avoiding the blame game etc; as these actions are the gateways to higher and lower frequencies.

Most bad decisions are made under the influence of negative thoughts/ actions that we regret later.

We are all humans after all and are allowed our share of bad choices thru which we learn how to make a better choice the next time around .

But if you intuitively know what the better choice is but continue making those low vibrational negative choices - then don’t get mad when the Universe keeps presenting the same lessons again and again since you obviously aren’t listening to that wise voice of reason that is guiding you from inside your heart to make the right choice.

The Universe will keep testing you to see whether you have learnt the lessons needed until you graduate to the next level with wisdom and awareness.

So if you didn't understand what you did wrong or why did someone wrong you, out of fear that you are being judgemental or out of fear that it will make you feel sad or make you realize your mistakes- then you are in denial!

You need to be able to identify the nagging feeling within your body that is screaming out to be understood, embraced, healed and finally released - so that you finally stop repeating the same mistakes.

Through meditation and ascension healing, you can develop the art of discernment, which will help you make wise decisions and finally break free from negative situations and patterns, so that you can graduate to the next level of awareness.

Love light and blessings

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