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Have you ever experienced a friend, family member or an ex who seemed so amazing and wonderful but then they hurt you in ways you couldn't even imagine ….

There were times when they seemed so loving/ genuine, you could almost see moments of childlike innocence…so why do people keep switching back and forth, like Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hyde?

How can someone that innocent hurt you so much?

How can someone preach about ETHICS/VALUES and yet not know what INTEGRITY means?


So why do these people go out of their way to pretend to have integrity ?

Our Human brain keeps trying to figure out why another person would stoop to SUCH LOW levels ....So let me help you gain some insight on such behaviour - SO THAT YOU CAN FINALLY MOVE ON!

1, A lot of people are in denial, they justify their behaviour and don't want to admit that they had given into darkness or moments of weakness. So they rather defend their story or cut you out of their life, then admit their own mistakes to themselves. They lack self awareness and empathy.

Self-awareness: Conscious knowledge of one's own character and feelings.

Empathy : The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

2, There are many who admit their mistakes and are the first to apologize but saying SORRY is like a habit without really making things right. They do not want to put in CONSISTENT EFFORT to break out of a terrible habit even if they have hurt other people by their selfishness.

3, A lot of people are spoilt by their parents and have not been corrected for the mistakes they made while growing up and don't have an ACTIVE moral compass. This is learnt behaviour that has been accepted in their families/ society where they get away with abuse/ lies and lack of integriy. (NOT AN EXCUSE! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN MORALITY, REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCES ... in the long run you will lose out on people’s trust and respect )

4, A lot of family members/ friends rather put the other person down than tell their own family member/friend that what they did is wrong ...because this would also require them themselves to face their own demons. So they rather take the easy way out!

5, A lot of people keep switching partners like clothes, they cannot be alone inspite of knowing that each of their exes complain about emotional abuse and trauma... They rather hop on to the next relationship than admit their mistakes or try to neutralize the trauma they have inflicted since it requires too much effort!

6, There are people who mask their hidden darkness by appearing to be spiritual/ religious but its just more convenient to seem like a do gooder to appease their guilt than actually put in the effort to look within and change. (Karma exists within us, however much you try to fool others you cannot fool yourself)

So what about that innocence you saw in them before the darkness took over them? Good and bad exists within us all. We are all inherently innocent and child like until we give in to temptation in it's various forms, if left unwatched we fall down a slippery slope... But there is always hope - it is never too late to change!

You can stop yourself from slipping further down the slope of integrity , you can use your will power to dig your heels deep into your soul and make that change. It is never too late to make amends and that is the purpose of being gifted with each lifetime: TO LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES AND TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT, EACH DAY AT A TIME, UNTIL YOU FIND YOURSELF CLIMBING BACK UP TO THE TOP OF THAT SLOPE!

For those who have been hurt.... the healthiest thing to do is to understand that everything happens to teach you to be the master of your existence and NOT BE A VICTIM!

Learn to love yourself enough to walk away from abuse and restart your life.

Stop wasting your energy reliving the past, instead use your time to process the experience and move on... As and when the memories of your traumatic past come to haunt you - use the violet fire visualisation technique to heal your memories and any pent up unforgiveness within yourself . (REFER TO RESTART YOUR LIFE POST on my page)

This will help you UNDERSTAND the bigger picture, the lessons OF SELF LOVE / STRENGTH that are needed to be learnt from such abusive experiences. We tend to depend on family/ friends/ lovers/money to make us happy but at the end we are responsible for our own happiness.

Once you understand this grand play orchestrated on Earth, you will begin to see the good and bad within each being and realise that in the bigger picture, those who hurt us are unconsciously playing their part so that we Learn how to tap into our inner source of love light and blessings - TO BECOME THE MASTERS OF OUR EXISTENCE in this video game called life.

We are the ones who create our own reality and have chosen traps/ friends/ foes to test our strength, our integrity and the way we evolve.

It is easy to blame other people but it takes great courage to understand Karma, the circle of life and the hidden blessings within each experience that help us become the best we can be.

Do not get confused by "the life is like a video game" analogy, No one is asking you to remain in an unhealthy situation ….the reality that we experience on this planet has to appear as real as possible for us to completely engage in it. So evil does exist but when you understand the bigger picture you will not hold on to hatred/trauma/sadness/unforgiveness as you realise it lowers your energies, so instead learn the lessons needed, forgive and move on!


When we watch a movie with good actors and believable sets we begin to believe the story and feel real life emotions…. in the same way, Earth is a 3rd dimensional planet with laws of cause and effect (karma), time, gravity and duality (good/bad) to make it believable enough for us to take part in all the tests.

1, If we did not have the right combination of good and bad,(like wars/ fear/ criminal activity/murders etc vs nature/trees/ pets/ water/ love / family /friends/ heroes/ holidays) they would not be any fear of one’s security ... Everything would be perfect and that wouldn’t be the ideal setting to test our values/ ethics.

2, If we always had instant karma, our integrity wouldn’t be tested properly. For example no one would cheat/ lie/ steal/ murder, if we saw that there were cameras watching us. But if there were no cameras, that would be the true test of integrity. So life on Earth had to appear as if our actions aren’t being monitored but actually they are being watched by karma that exists within us all, but only those who attune themselves to self awareness will stop being influenced by the greed of the material world.

3, So that is why the existence of angels/higher guidance/divine intervention had to be as subtle as possible for us to realise that It is important to meditate or practice ascension healing to quieten our egoic mind and animalistic desires to really tap into our higher self and become the Masters of our Existence, by mastering our innate intuition, by mastering our weaknesses and by mastering our carnal desires.

4, The secret to long lasting prosperity/ well being / good health is to become our higher selves. That is the reward of self-mastery. Just as we need to work out regularly to develop a toned body, similarly we need to practice being our higher selves on a daily basis to master insecurity/ greed/ irritability and the tendency to react negatively to various circumstances. We will begin to see life with a divine perspective and will be able to find the hidden blessings within each and every situation.



Love light and blessings


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