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  • Anjali Lavania

If they can’t value your presence- Introduce them to your Absence!

Put your energy where people truly value you and avoid those who don’t! Energy is the new currency 💴....some people drain you, some people smother you, some people love and cherish you . Choose whom you share your energy with carefully. Treat everyone with respect, love and light but DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO MISUSE YOUR ENERGY ....being nice, does not give anyone the right to repeatedly: 1, Take you for granted . 2, Invade your space and your privacy . 3, Disrespect you. 4, Say they are venting but use you as a punching bag. 5, Be nice to you when convenient to them. 6, Bitch about you behind your back . 7, Not be there for you when you need them. 8, Lie and manipulate your niceness for their gain. Such people need to take a good look within themselves and correct their selfish behaviour. So do not fool yourself into thinking that you are being nice by accepting such behaviour. No one is asking you to stoop down to their level and be rude - just politely excuse yourself or let them know that their behaviour is unacceptable and you will be withdrawing your presence from their lives because of that . This is the first step to self love, learn how to protect and love yourself like you would protect your own child and send the repeated offender love and light from the universe to heal, every time you think of them. Eventually, they will realize that not many genuine people exist and that they just took a major loss but do not hold your breath for them to reach this realization and if they do realize their mistakes, hopefully they apologize and make the necessary changes for you to accept them back into your life. If there is no apology or regret then it’s a big sign to Move on and focus on your own growth and share your energy with people who value you but don’t hold any anger or hatred in your heart towards them just forgiveness and blessings, that the universe will guide them back to the light . Your value didn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. Know in your heart you gave your best and let go with forgiveness, love and light. You deserve the love you keep giving everyone else . Love light and blessings Anjali

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