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  • Anjali Lavania

Finding ways to feel good while trying to achieve your goals is EVERYTHING!

FINDING WAYS TO FEEL GOOD during the gap of where you are and where you want to be is EVERYTHING!!!......Read that again! Ok, so say you have figured out what you want; it could be anything like your dream job or buying a car, owning a home etc....Or even mini goals like staying focused/ disciplined for a month by eating healthy and working out every day. No matter what your goal is or where you want to be by the end of the week, month or even a year - IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT YOU FIND WAYS TO FEEL GOOD DURING THE GAP OF WHERE YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU WANT TO BE! Why is that important? Because feeling good requires us to maintain feeling positive, inspired and centered by becoming our higher self. When we don’t feel good, we can easily feel low, discouraged and fall prey to GIVING UP ON GETTING WHAT WE WANT. The difference between success and failure is all dependent on one’s attitude. Do you have the “Never give up” attitude inspired by your higher self? The “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude always finds way to stay inspired and focused, even during bad times. So in short, what are you doing to maintain your daily feel good attitude? Are you constantly complaining and whining or are you constantly comparing yourself to other people’s success ? If you are a constant complainer or constantly seem to be depressed, BY THE LAW OF ATTRACTION YOU WILL ATTRACT MORE NEGATIVITY TOWARDS YOURSELF! If you seem to fluctuate between highs and lows, learn how to elevate your mood when you do feel low. That is actually true success when one learns how to elevate their feelings /moods with the help of their higher self, no matter how bad or negative a situation. Disclaimer: I am not telling you to ignore your sadness or negative instincts about a situation. I AM ASKING YOU TO LEARN HOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE NEGATIVITY AND LEARN WHAT IT IS TEACHING YOU AND THEN ELEVATE YOUR MOOD ONCE AGAIN by recentering yourself. ( you can workout/ meditate/ journal /walk in nature / listen to music / inspirational videos articles etc) So the true key behind success is the ability to recenter oneself and finding ways to stay inspired, no matter how bad a day you may have. Ofcourse being human, we may occasionally get thrown off our focus but then that’s the beauty of a good night’s sleep. We can always say a prayer to set the intention of healing while we sleep and starting fresh with renewed energy and focus when we wake up. Sleep is the perfect reset button. Always here to encourage you to be your higher self . To book a session please email me Love light and blessings Anjali

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