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Meditation is healthier than medication.

Allopathic Medication is filled with chemicals that might help you relieve symptoms but never cures the root cause of the disease. Chemicals cause more damage through side effects and one ends up being dependent on these chemicals for life to relieve symptoms . Holistic, natural and chemical free alternative healing modalities like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Meditation have been known to to heal the root cause of most diseases. Meditation Slows Skin Ageing and Reduces Wrinkles by lowering cortisol, changing the brain’s fear response, transforming the mind. With so many anti-aging skin care products on the market, it's often a surprise to learn the best solution does not come in a bottle or a tube. Here, we dive into some amazing studies showing meditation's incredible age-defying ability to rejuvenate and restore our skin . (Articles Courtesy Psychology Today, Huffpost, Daily mail) With such overwhelming evidence, it is easy to see why meditators very often look decades younger. Chronic Inflammation Makes Us Age Crazy Fast What’s the biggest cause? While chronic inflammation can be traced to processed sugar, lack of sleep, poor diet, environmental toxins, secondhand smoke — stress is the human body’s most wanted arsonist because it's so potent and affects us 24/7/365. Meditation deactivates the NF-κB skin gene related to wrinkles. While we could go on and on about how meditation transforms us into a black belt master of stress (by lowering cortisol, changing the brain’s fear response, transforming the mind, etc), we will save that for later. In 2013, researchers from UCLA (Black et al) had 45 family dementia caregivers practice meditation for 8 weeks, with unexpected yet amazing skin rejuvenating results. What did they uncover? The Stress Hormone 'Cortisol' Leads To Wrinkles & Sagging Skin Because we are all under pressure all the time, most of us don't even know that we are 24/7 stressed out basket cases. It's par for the course. Non-stop stress mode shifts our brain’s fear center amygdala into overdrive, which then signals our adrenal glands to pump out ruthless stress hormones like cortisol. As the grandaddy of all age accelerating biochemicals, too much cortisol in our system can suppress immunity, raise blood pressure, tank libido, contribute to obesity, and much more. It was proven that meditation boosts collagen and elastin which help you look decades younger In a wide range of studies, including one at UC-Davis (2013) and Rutgers University, meditation has been shown to drop cortisol levels like a sack of potatoes (50%+!). Having less cortisol in our system reverses the 24 hour stress chemical cycle (glycation) which, if left unchecked, would eventually make us look decade(s) older. With caveman on the nightly dinner menu, our primitive hunting and gathering ancestors spent their days both fighting and fleeing hungry lions, tigers, and bears. In time, our neanderthal brethren's daily struggle to survive forced their biology to adapt — with their brain's fear center " amygdala" receiving massive upgrades across the board. The problem is, while we no longer spend our days running away from hungry predators, we are still wired much like cavemen. With tech overload, financial stress, news headlines, relationship issues, and work deadlines topping the list, we are tripping our amygdala’s fight or flight response 365 days a year. And it's making us look and feel old. Being locked in stress mode floods our bodies with a host of nasty age accelerating biochemicals, while wreaking havoc on our once mirror friendly appearance. In 2011, Harvard University (Lazar et al) studied the brains of mindful meditation practitioners as they practiced for 27 minutes per day. What did they uncover? Among their list of amazing findings, the meditating brain’s fear center amygdala had somehow managed to shrink, while its electrical activity quieted down dramatically! For those of us who want to age more gracefully than a ballerina, this finding means that meditation effectively remolds and reshapes our brain (through neuroplasticity) to sidestep the age accelerating biochemical cycle that so many stressed out folks get locked into. Don’t you think it’s time to include meditation in your daily routine ? To book a session to learn stress relieving meditation. Pls email Love light and blessings Anjali

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