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Manifestation = Clarity + Focus on what you want!

There are two kinds of blessings: 1, The kind of blessings that flow into your life regardless of mental clarity, peace, conviction and faith to manifest them . These blessings will sustain you no matter what. 2, The second kind of blessings are related to your evolution to encourage your ascension into a higher state of being, which require you to understand the law of attraction - so that you fine tune your frequency, your thoughts, your emotions to attract these blessings into your life without doubt & fear. Helping us realize that we are all powerful co- creators in this universe but all we need to do wake up from this illusion of being powerless victims, stuck in this rat race of the 3D matrix we live in. Have you ever had that experience where you are waiting to land at your destination and the plane keeps circling the airport since the landing strip isn’t vacant because of too much Air traffic ? Well the blessings you have prayed for is exactly like that plane - circling around you , waiting for you to clear all your mental traffic away (fears / doubt / stress/ negative thinking ) You see the second category of blessings has been given a specific time to land but around that time - if you keep on stressing & doubting your blessings - you are blocking your landing strip from receiving youro blessings. You are focusing too much on the planes named stress and doubt and they are going to keep landing in the place of your blessing. It’s simple - what you focus on grows! Instead of over analysing / doubting that you will ever receiving that blessing, Learn to give it your best and then let go with faith. Let the rewards of you strengthening your faith and fine tuning your energy freely flow towards you (through affirmations/yoga/ meditation / chakra healing/ ascension healing etc ) We are all undoing generations of social conditioning that have blindly followed out dated ways of living, like sheep in a herd. We allow the news channels and others forms of media to make us fear our very existence and doubt our own potential. We allow society pressure us into getting married / having kids and giving up on our dreams by a certain age. We allow certain beauty / food / medical industries to inject our selves with chemicals/ surgeries and products that are bad for our mental and physical well being . The worst of all - we have allowed money and unhealthy competition induce fear into our lives which makes us all subscribe to this rat race in the first place ....until we feel we have taken up too many loans to unsubscribe from it. So the only way to break free from this mindless rat race and generations of herd mentality is to fine tune your energy, your connection to your highest potential through your higher self. Once you start doing this you will stop watching negative media and buying products that are filled with chemicals and you will stop comparing yourself to other people and start operating from your higher self, which will guide you to find a way to succeed and thrive without being stuck in the rat race . All this will happen with focus and faith. You are like a pioneer breaking away from the herd and of course that might be challenging but it’s totally possible. The more of us that start becoming one with our higher selves, the more we will start forming a new tribe - a new way of living that will influence and encourage others to break free from fear and become their higher selves. Change begins with you and me. To learn how to fine tune your energy and become your higher self please email Love light and blessings Anjali

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