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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

There are many teachings that show us the significance of positive thinking but why is it so tough?

We can think a positive thought for a second but then all our fears, doubts, past experiences, judgements, social conditioning, low self esteem, over analysis and all kinds of negativity starts pouring back in.

Why do we zone in on negativity more than positivity?

Eg; if we go somewhere and happen to receive a couple of nice compliments but, maybe one person said something negative - why do we then forget all the lovely things said and then feel bad about that one negative comment? Why do we continuously keep replaying that one negative thought in our head?

I know many people who try their best to be positive but then the first sign of things not going their way - they immediately lose momentum and start feeling miserable.

This is because theoretically we might know the importance of positivity but practically, we need to focus on reprogram our subconscious mind through repetition of affirmations.

You see over years and years of neglect, the subconscious mind has developed a habit of constantly thinking negatively and the only way to undo this is through repetition of affirmations. Just like how repetition of crunches over months develop abs.

So Today, I will share 2 incredibly powerful affirmations to give your subconscious mind a boost.

1, To begin with the best way to deal with anything is to be centered - period. Don't expect the worst - instead stay calm and centered knowing that if you have given it your best then whatever happens will happen only for your best.

Whether good or bad / positive or negative - in the long run trust that whatever is going to happen is only for your best. This way you are not setting yourself up for a down fall or expecting the worst - it's a WIN WIN through and through.

If you look back you will see that when you gave your best, everything that happened has only made you wiser, stronger and better in every way.

So then that means that everything, whether good or bad, is a blessing and just like a loving mother, the universe only has your groth and your best interests at heart.

So to remind you of the magic of the Universe - Repeat this powerful affirmation below, along with visuals of all the blessings in your life that you are grateful for:


Keep repeating it until it becomes a habit of feeling grateful, loved and protected by the Universe.

2, There are times when we are moving ahead positively but since we are human we may succumb to negative thoughts.

During such times instead of letting negative thoughts ruin all your positive thinking - Use this powerful Affirmation/Mantra to stop any negative thought in it's tracks:


This is my favourite Mantra. I teach this Ancient tool of purification to all of my clients, friends and family. I use it during my daily morning practice to purify any negative thoughts/ people/ situations that are making me feel anxious, low or irritable.

It's amazing how nature is the best teacher. In all the colours of the rainbow - Violet, Indigo , Blue , Green, Yellow, Orange , Red; Violet is the highest and lightest frequency while red is heavy and dense. Therefore we use the Violet fire the purest and most powerful energy that can heal anything.

The key is to envision this pure and powerful Violet fire to burn away all negative thoughts and fears.

Visualization makes an Affirmation/ Mantra more powerful - when I do the Violet fire affirmation, I literally see the Violet flame inside my head rewiring my brain - like the best brain massage one can think of.

It's an incredible stress buster. The more visual you can get the better.

To help you with this visualization - light a candle and stare at the flame for a while.

Then while you chant the Violet Fire Mantra, envision this Healing Violet flame dancing in your brain, as it evaporates all the negativity from your mind and fills you with peace and blessings.

Keep Chanting the Violet Fire Mantra in this manner, along with deep inhalations and exhalations of breath, until you feel calm.

For Your Information, The violet fire does not harm anyone or destroy anything positive - it only heals whatever health issue, fear, situation or thought, by enabling the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Do not worry or stress about what that best outcome is - instead just surrender and trust that by handing the issue to the universe through the violet fire you are letting go of any negativity from interfering with your positive intent.

One can also use the Violet fire to pray for the environment, animals, plants -anything. It's a beautiful way to bless the Planet and all it's inhabitants.

It's time we take back control of our thoughts and emotions.

Through Affirmations You will begin to realize that you control your thoughts - your thoughts don't control you.

Love light and Blessings


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