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Definition of INTUITION: the ability to understand something INSTINCTIVELY, with no need for conscious reasoning.

Definition of GUT INSTINCT: the way people naturally react or behave, without having to think or learn about it.

Your Gut Instincts by pass all the confusing thoughts/ information that WE ABSORB from SOCIAL CONDITIONING.

Social conditioning is meant to program our subconscious mind to make choices that stem from feelings of fear, lack & unworthiness - so that people then buy products to make them feel more worthy or make choices that makes them feel more safe.

Examples of not having enough: Focusing on Who has the best Car / House / Clothes / Jewellery / Social status, etc

Examples of Unworthiness : Buying products to make you feel younger / thinner coz you are not good enough.

Examples of fear: Media focusing on war/ crime / murders/ disease to highlight that the world is unsafe to live in.

When we feel we aren’t good enough or live in a word that's filled with negativity and fear - we tend to make choices that help us survive - not thrive.

To thrive - we need to make choices that feel good - emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

But - if we are constantly made to feel that we need to survive first - we then start making choices out of survival mode.

Example: You go on a date to meet a guy / girl who has a great job, is well travelled and looks good ….but somehow the conversation isn’t flowing and they may seem conceited, selfish or inconsiderate.

Our gut feeling would tell us to stay away from this person but if we are conditioned by media - we will switch off our gut feelings and focus on wealth / financial stability and looks to be with someone that society deems perfect.

I am not telling you to be with someone without a job or someone you aren’t attracted to either - I am saying listen to your inner voice - your intuition. Let a person / job opportunity or any important decision, make you feel at ease emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually versus making you feel tense and unhappy.

If your gut feeling screams out when you are with someone who makes you feel uneasy / uncomfortable / upset / fearful / negative - it’s a clear sign that something is off.

If you feel calm, at peace, comfortable, positive or hopeful - then it’s a clear sign that something feels right.

Not feeling comfortable doesn’t mean being lazy and giving up on finding opportunities that match your frequency . Sometimes you might need to upgrade your frequency by healing whatever is making you feel uncomfortable. You need to know the difference between being lazy and actually being in a situation that doesn’t feel right.

Please understand, feeling uncomfortable doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams and staying in your comfort zone by not exploring opportunities.

So this is why we need to have a daily practice of mindfulness to recognise how our instincts communicate with us and how our habitual social conditioning can confuse us.

A daily practice of mindfulness will help you distinguish your gut feelings from fearful thoughts / emotions that are programmed from social conditioning.

You will be more aware of the excuses you make in your head that mask laziness, unworthiness & fear.

To Learn How To Sharpen Your Intuition to make better life enhancing decisions please email me theascensionhealer@gmail.com to book a session.

Love, light and blessings.




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