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Love Yourself enough to Wait for Someone Who Love & Respects you!

What you are seeking is also seeking you - love yourself enough to wait for the one who respects you - loves you & appreciates you. Learn to let go of relationships that demoralized you in any way. Sometimes relationships teach you the tough lesson on how to value yourself and have healthy boundaries. And as you begin to respect and love yourself by following your dreams , your passion will find true love through self love. First learn to love yourself and heal all the pain that has been accumulated in your energy body due to painful memories. Mend your Broken heart with self love. I encounter so many beautiful & loving people, who end up getting their hearts broken by the very same people who they had literally given their heart & soul to... Sometimes, the nicest people in the world just keep giving, to the detriment of their own well being because they haven't learnt how to love themselves.....They take up the role of the martyr or fixer, hoping that through their unconditional love the other person will change. (when actually, they might be trying to fix an unhealthy relationship pattern from their childhood) If you are so blinded by obsession / one sided unconditional love, where you have forgotten to also unconditionally love yrself - the chances of you being taken for granted are high! Yes. sacred texts teach us to unconditionally love everyone without expectations but not without self respect / self love! We are all one, therefore taking care of yourself is as important as loving your beloved. When u take good care of yourself, the people around you will respect that and it will inspire them to treat you with respect too. If you can sense all the warning signs that yr beloved is being selfish/ greedy/ dishonest etc .....don't fool yourself.. No one is asking you to be paranoid or suspicious either just Don't ignore yr intuition...Energy never lies - you can feel it in the gut of yr stomach when something is truly wrong. Ascension healing helps in differentiating between fear driven paranoia & intuitive warning signs guided by wisdom Try this simple exercise : If yr daughter/ son/ younger sibling was in the same relationship like yours, that is draining you - what advice would you give them? I will let you in on a lil secret - The real reason your heart is broken is becoz u ended up losing yrself in the process of loving another . Learn to enjoy each moment and be wise about the company you choose.(learn to love your own company - don't give into bordedom/ temptation/ loneliness) Love yourself enough to invest time in yrself - give yr highest potential all the time and energy it needs to shine, instead of over-romanticising the one who broke yr heart. Being wiser, doesn't mean locking your heart away so that no one hurts you again or trying to teach the other person a lesson - let karma do it's job ...It just means learning your lessons in a way that sets you free. Give people a chance but if they take you for granted - the lesson to be learnt is to love yourself enough to say no to those who step all over your kindness and to surround yourself with those who truly appreciate your energy . Your vibe will always attract your tribe. Love light and blessings Anjali

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